Redefining what it means to source our food locally 

Seasony delivers highest quality produce without the use of pesticides, soil and with significantly reduced water usage using the innovation of hydroponics to revolutionize the agricultural industry. All in the middle of Copenhagen.  


Quality and environment in The forefront

Each plant lives under ideal conditions for maximized quality and desired outcome always keeping the environment in mind. 

No pesticides.

No soil.

Drastically reduced usage of water. 

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The idea behind the innovation

Three founders combining specialized knowledge and know-how within fields of process, automation, business and management resulted in the building blocks of a company ready to change our food supply as we know it. 

Enthusiasm and a can-do attitude added to the idea and soon Seasony was born at the Technical University of Denmark. 

The innovative approach, technological expertise and the desire to add value to the world set a strong foundation and helped fund the company. Collaborations started happening with DTU Skylab, CapNova, and Growing Food CPH which further specialized and established the company in the world of agriculture and hydroponics. 

Now we are ready to go big scale.



Defining the new industry standard

Using well-established technology in new ways.

Combining cutting-edge innovations with the art of agriculture and great cuisine. 

A simple yet brilliant approach to tackle the growing concerns of the 21st century and offer the best solutions:

- Ensure our food supply in a changing world.

- Prevent the wastage of water from up to 80% of traditional agriculture.

- Completely avoid the use of pesticides and foreign chemicals.

- Optimized conditions for best quality produce at a competitive price range.